Automatic Point Counter with Moving Slide Holder

PELCON has developed an automated point counter for mounting on light microscopes, based on extensive experience with point counting in petrographic analysis of thin sections.

The motorized stage is easily mounted on the rotating table of a microscope by means of a single fixation screw. Fits on all rotating stages with threaded hole – if not already in place this is easily made with the enclosed gauge.

The slim design ensures plenty of workspace and possibility of 180° rotation during analysis (detachment of the verniers of the rotating table is optional to allow maximum rotation).

The stage allows mounting of thin sections up to 66mm x 90mm and a possible analysis area of 66mm x 50mm.

PELCON Design and Production with first-class quality materials ensures long-life.

Save time-consuming procedures in your point counting and experience the marked improved ergonomics and analysis speed during your daily work.

The software allows setting of step-length for the analysis from 0.05 - 2.00 mm. You first select which port the point counter is connected to. Then you can setup the analysis and the keys before commencement of analysis.

With version 2.00 of the program it is possible to re-evaluate and discuss specific points in any previously analysed slide by loading its saved data. Just place your slide in the frame once again, and the program enables you to automatically re-locate all points of each classification on the slide.

During the analysis the motorized stage will move the sample by one step-length when pressing one of the key-pad buttons. Each button is assigned to a species/class and this ensures simultaneous registration of up to 61 species.

By the end of each test-line you manually slide the sample to the next test-line by means of two toothed sliding wheels.

The software supplies on-line results with calculated percentages during the analysis, and subsequent saving and report printing facilities, beside from the 61-species version.

What is included?
The PELCON Automatic Point Counter is supplied with USB-2 connection cable (to PC), one keypad, software and power supply.

More information

The Point Counter has a 61 species key-pad.