PELCON history

PELCON runs a specialised laboratory for aggregate and concrete testing, covering numerous test methods. We are highly recognised within the fields of aggregate acceptance testing, concrete microstructure, air void structure and durability testing. Your specimens and samples will be treated professionally and fast.

PELCON was founded the 1st of July 2004 by the company’s Managing Director Peter Laugesen. From 1987 to 2004 Peter Laugesen worked in the concrete laboratory Dansk Beton Teknik A/S (eventually owned by NCC AB) doing research and testing – especially working with petrographic analysis of concrete.

In 2004 Dansk Beton Teknik underwent a strategic rationalisation. The company’s laboratory activities were transferred to Peter Laugesen in the independent company Pelcon Materials & Testing ApS. Peter Laugesen’s customers from Dansk Beton Teknik were officially recommended to follow this transfer and coorporate with PELCON in the future.

Since the opening of the new laboratory facilities in Søborg (Denmark) 2004, PELCON has continuously been involved in more projects. Our main clients are counsellors and contractors in Denmark and Europe. Still, we have been involved in projects in many parts of the world (see References). We are proud to say that the majority of our clints have been recommended from previous clients.


Managing director, Senior Geologist (M.Sc.): Peter Laugesen
Head of laboratory:  Anne Seidel Bisgaard
Senior Engineer (PhD.): Tine Aarre
Civil Engineer (M.Sc.): Christian Knuth Gottlieb
Geologist (M.Sc.): Søren Grube Pedersen
Civil Engineer (M.Sc.): Stefanie Wøhler Nielsen
Technician: Lars Olsen
Technician: Carl Hertz
Technician: Hawre Shaikhan
Administration: Lone Balling Holst
Consultant: Bent Jensen

From time to time we also employ students in the laboratory.

ANNE BISGAARD Head of Laboratory, Laboratory Technician
Civil-engineer, M.Sc.
LARS OLSEN Technician
PETER LAUGESEN Director Geologist, M.Sc.
LONE BALLING HOLST Secretary and Accountant
TINE AARRE Head of QA Civil-engineer, PhD