About us

PELCON runs a specialised laboratory for aggregate and concrete testing, covering numerous test methods. We are highly recognised within the fields of aggregate acceptance testing, concrete microstructure, air void structure and durability testing. Your specimens and samples will be treated professionally and fast.

Main work fields are documentation of concrete quality by testing and analyzing samples and assisting in concrete mix design, as well as testing of aggregates for concrete. Moreover we analyze and detect possible reasons for failure in concrete, ceramic materials and natural stones.

We are internationally recognized for our extensive experience with air void analysis, petrographic analysis and production of flourescence impregnated thin sections and plane sections. One offspring of our continous R&D activities is to service testing laboratories with training and delivery of our specialized technical equipment.

Subjects of damage analysis in concrete:

Explosive fire spalling in tunnel
  • Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR)
  • Chloride induced reinforcement corrosion
  • Cracked concrete floors
  • Curing deficiencies
  • Delayed Ettringite Formation (DEF)
  • Explosive fire spalling
  • Fire damage
  • Frost damages (in both young and mature concrete)
  • Loss of strength due to non-dispersed silica fume
  • Map cracking and scaling in trowelled floors
  • Micro defects from slipforming
  • Poor concrete mix design
  • Poor joint quality
  • Shrinkage cracks
  • Thermo expansion
  • Wrong casting and compaction techniques

Subjects of analysis of natural stones & building stones:

Cause of investigation Rock type
 Crumbling of cladding panels Limestone
 Expansion/loosening of tiles Granite
 Frost testing, resistance to salt crystallisation Granite, limestone, sandstone
 Petrographic and mineralogical characterisation Various
 Staining of cladding stone Granite
 Sulphide reactions/expansions Granite, granodiorite, silicious limestone
 Surface damage in paving stone Limestone
 Surface detorioration of cladding stone Granite, marble
 Tiles damage - scaling Granite, limestone
 Weak corners in paving stones Granite