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Freeze-thaw resistance (SS137244)

PELCON conducts freeze/thaw testing of concrete samples in accordance with SS137244 (Swedish Standard).

The test gives a measure of the hardened concretes resistance to frost.

The principle of the test is to expose a section of the concrete to a sodium chloride solution and freeze-thaw cycles each of 24 hours duration. Depending on the case and the concrete mix the number of cycles will be from 56 to 112 (i.e. 8 to 16 weeks).

During the test period the concrete flaking will be rinsed off the surface and weighed. By the end of the test period, the scaling of specimens [kg/m2 surface] will be calculated and stated in the final test report.

An alternative to this long-term test is to analyze the air content by an air void analysis. This will give an indication of whether there is reason to believe that the concrete will suffer from frost damage. Hence, a Freeze-thaw resistance test can be carried out after a critical result of an air void analysis.

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