Concrete mix design

PELCON has the needed understanding and experience from the improving of numerous concrete compositions, sometimes triggered by changes of apparent minute details. Our strategy comprises:

  • A well workable concrete ensuring compaction, bonding to reinforcement and form filling

  • Where possible including the application of SCC

  • Robustness, ensuring that minor batching variations are not detrimental

  • Selection of aggregate gradation and grain characteristics that ensures a uniform distribution within the in-situ concrete, hence reducing the risk of local shrinkage and crack problems

  • Composition and content of cement paste ensuring internal bonding, no internal bleeding and segregation

  • Relatively low amount of cement to reduce risk of thermo cracks and hydration shrinkage cracks

  • Possible addition of pozzolans to reduce risk of cracks and increase the chemical resistance.

  • The incorporation of an air void system of small and evenly dispersed air bubbles having a positive influence on several of the above issues